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Bimini Bermuda – Truckload – (18 pallets) 400 ft² pallet


SAVE ON TRUCKLOAD PRICING | 7,200 square feet of sod

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Due to Bimini shortages in the industry, please call us at (833) 247-4763 to ensure we have the right amount in stock for you.

Bimini is a very new, improved hybrid Bermuda grass. Its dark green, fine textured, dense turf that excels in high traffic areas from your home lawn to commercial and athletic fields. Whether it be a golf course, home lawn or athletic field, Bimini will provide an excellent turf cover for years to come. Bimini has proven itself to be an exceptional choice for your application in the Southeastern United States while providing excellent fall and winter color, drought hardiness and increased salt tolerance.



Sod is cut to order and needs to be purchased 2-3 business days BEFORE the desired delivery date. Be sure the area being sodded is prepared and ready for installation before the grass arrives. Sod needs to be installed within 24-48 hours of delivery for the highest chance of success.


Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm a tentative delivery date. Due to the unpredictable nature of weather, farm operations, and traffic, we are not able to give a delivery time. Please be aware that the forklift needs 9-foot clearance in all directions to access an area. If you cannot be on-site on the date of delivery, please use marking paint or irrigation flags to mark where you’d like the pallets placed.


Information on Bermudagrass from the University of Florida:

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drought resistance

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